Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Best Nail File Ever: Ruby Stone Crystal File

Heya LacquerHeads!

Disclaimer: Oh dear... So I just realized that this post never got posted. I made it on Saturday and only saved it as a draft instead of publishing it! Big woops! I'm sorry guys!! I swear I'll be much more careful next time!!

I've recently put myself on a polish no-buy until I start college again in April. Buying polish again will be my treat for putting in so much hard work to get everything in order to get on the path to an AA degree once again. But uhhh *ahem* being on a polish no-buy doesn't necessarily mean I can't buy any nail care items... right? muahahhaha loophole! 

So as a result, I picked up this absolutely amazing Ruby Stone Crystal Nail File at my local Sally's Beauty Supply. This file is actually made out of the stuff that real rubies are made from, aluminum oxide powder crystals, cool huh?! But between me and you - this thing is so magically majestic, I'd put bet all my polishes that this nail file is actually created by little fairies with ruby wings in a crystal cave behind the most beautiful waterfall in all the land guarded by unicorns and narwhals. No joke. It's by far the best nail file that has ever graced my tips in all of my years. 

Using this crystal file is so fast and simple, you only need but a couple gentle swipes and you're done. It glides so smoothly and evenly, you'll never want to use another file again - and you won't have to because it'll never dull! Another really cool part, that I'm loving, is that it does everything; because of the way it's shaped, it can easily file off hangnails or soften any skin that has gotten rough around your nail, it can remove cuticles, it can get up under your tips, it can do it all. 

I'm loving this file so hard. Seriously, if you don't already have one - I highly recommend investing in one. They're only $3.49 at Sally's. If you do go pick one up, or if you've got one already, I'd love to hear your opinions on it. Do you love it as much as I do? Pffsshhh... of course you do!

Until next time,
prettylittlebigle out.

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