Friday, March 15, 2013

Swatch Review: New Hard Candy - Sparked Up from the Glitteratzi Collection

Welcome back, LacquerHeads!

Today I've got a couple of sweet new polishes from the new Hard Candy line to review for you. First up is Sparked Up from the Glitteratzi Collection.

You can find all 43 of these new polishes exclusively at Walmart for only $3.97 each! 

All photos are shown using one through four coats of Sparked Up on top of a clear base coat with no topcoat applied to really show off that amazing texture.

Sparked Up is a clear suspension base packed full of blue and green bar glitter as well as a ton of blue micro glitter. One coat would look fantastic over any base color to really make it pop. Two or more coats can be worn without a base color, which is my favorite way to wear it. This polish really kicks ass on its own.

The formula is fantastic. It's not too thick or too thin and it dries fairly quickly. 

The application is a breeze. The bar glitter lays down and stays down really nicely. The glitter doesn't pull with each brushstroke. It stays put, making it really easy to build up and layer. The brush size in these cool new bottles is perfect for easy application.

I'm in love, I'm in love - and I don't care who knows it! That's right. Finally a bar glitter awesome enough to make you quote the movie Elf!

So tell me what you think - Do love it? Hate it? Absolutely have to have it? Let me know!

Be sure to check back here tomorrow, next in line is my review of Hard Candy - Crush on Copper from the Crushed Chromes Collection.

Until next time, 
prettylittlebigle out.

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